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Air Duct Cleaning


J&A Carpet Cleaning is proud to introduce Air Duct Cleaning to our list of services!

Routine duct cleaning is essential for proper maintenance of your HVAC system and to ensure your unit is working at optimal condition.

We follow the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association to clean out any debris, dirt, and other contaminants found in your air ducts.

What you can expect from our visit:

  1. Pre-Inspection

              A pre-inspection walk-through is conducted. We ensure we answer any questions you may have                    prior to cleaning. 

    2. Air Vent & Register Removal

              All air registers and air vents are carefully removed prior to cleaning.  

    3. Duct Cleaning

              We clean your air ducts in three basic steps:

                   1. Step 1: Our first step is cleaning the supply return and all respective air vents. Using a                                                  specialized whip or nozzle, debris is pushed towards the filter which is then thoroughly                                    and carefully cleaned. 

                   2. Step 2: Once the supply return is clean we then clean the air handler and replace or clean                                            your filter.

                   3. Step 3: Our last step is to clean all air supply ducts. In this step, contaminants, dirt, and debris                                      are loosened using our air compressor nozzle and air whip. Our dual motor vacuum                                          then sucks up all the debris.

    4. Duct Sanitation

              This step is optional but highly recommended for maximum cleaning. All air ducts are sanitized                      using our professional sanitizing spray gun.

    5. Our goal is customer satisfaction!


           Use our contact portal to request a quote or schedule an appointment today!

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