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Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning

Think you're sleeping alone?

The truth is you're not. If you own a mattress chances are you're actually sleeping with thousands of tiny creatures called dust mites. Dust mites are microscopical creatures found in carpet, mattresses, and upholstery and feed off dead skin cells. Gross! These tiny creatures cannot be seen with the naked eye but can cause a variety of health problems such as allergies, asthma, respiratory infections and coughing/sneezing.


We recommend you to have your mattress and furniture cleaned at least once a year in order to keep a healthier indoor environment and reduce the chance of getting dust mite related health issues. Individuals who suffer from these health issues notice a big difference after getting their mattress and upholstery cleaned, as regular cleaning minimizes symptoms.

How J&A cleans Mattresses/Upholstery

J&A Steps:

  1. Inspection of Mattress/Upholstery

Inspect condition of mattress or furniture. Look for stains, soiled areas and odors.

   2. Pre-Vacuuming

Vacuuming the surface of the mattress or furniture helps remove any dry soil.

   3. Pre-Spray

Safe environment-friendly solution is sprayed onto fabric. This pre-cleaning solution helps loosen up the soil embedded in the fabric.

   4. Agitation

Using an agitation brush, the pre-spray solution is brushed thoroughly on the fabric. This step is crucial as it prepares the fabric to undergo extraction by removing all deep soil.

   5. Rinse & Extraction

This step involves the complete removal of pre-spray solution, soil, dirt, and dust mites found in your mattress or furniture. Using an steam cleaning wand, hot water is propelled onto the fabric and carefully extracted via vacuum. 

   6. Drying

High velocity air movers are placed next to mattress/ furniture to speed up the drying time.

   7. Walk Through (Post Inspection)

Inspect results and ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service!

Use our contact portal to request a quote or schedule an appointment today!

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